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the new direction of design

Company East Designs was born in 2006 out of a friendship and a mutual love for design.  Our approach to design reflects our love of a modern aesthetic with industrial, retro and rustic sensibilities. A keen attention to detail and custom design gives each project a unique vibe. We're thrilled to have you visit our site and hope you enjoy!




Ah, challenges!  What would we do without them?

The last few renovations have challenged us like never before  and each one has offered up a unique set of  challenges.  These are the things that  keep you up at night. Some issues force you to spend countless hours searching for the perfect item (that may or may not exist, btw) or researching a specific idea or solution.  And then there's the staring...and running things through your mind's eye over and over.  But,  often times, the most challenging part is simply accepting the fact that you have to adapt your vision.  The number of times you might have to do this are infinite, particularly when you are doing a major renovation.  Sometimes these changes gnaw at you through the entire reno and other times, things turn out better than originally planned.

Without a doubt, our goal with each renovation is to challenge ourselves.   For us, it's not enough to just pick out a different light fixture or knock down a wall or choose a different paint color.  Each renovation has to be unique and inspired.  A well thought out purposeful design is always at the forefront of what we do.

We just finished our 15th renovation, and it provoked us from day one but we persevered and are thrilled with the outcome.    The challenges along the way have made us better designers, better problem solvers and maybe even better people.  Or who knows, maybe we're just crazy!  

As maddening as the whole process can be, it's also very fulfilling. We love sharing the side by side before and after photos so you have a better idea of the scope of our work and what some of the challenges are that we face.  We hope that, through our photos, you are able to enjoy the process with us and pick up a little inspiration along the way.  

If  your thinking of  taking on a project don't forget to challenge yourself,  seek out inspiration, adapt and keep moving forward!